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Last “Touch” on each Database per Instance

Originally posted on cms4j:
Today i was asked if some of the databases on a specific instance were in use or not. As this is an interesting question that could be easily answered by the SQL Server DMVs i…

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Blog Post Series „How to tune ISV apps“

Inspired by Brent Ozars Blog post I will start this series. It will consist of: Capture the workloadCapturing a typical workload during business hours. Diagnosis and Doing with “sp_BlitzIndex™”Diagnose and Delete/Alter/Add Indexes with the help of Brent Ozars “sp_BlitzIndex™”. … Continue reading

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Is SQL Server under high Memory Pressure?

A few weeks ago, i started a blog post series that covers the finding of performance bottlenecks in SQL Server. In the first blog post in the series i focused on CPU Pressure. In this blog post i will … Continue reading

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