Create failed for Availability Group Listener


Today I tried to create an AlwaysOn Availability Group. Everything went fine until I configured the Availability Group Listener.

It failed with the error message:

Create failed for Availability Group Listener <ListenerName>.
Microsoft SQL Server, Error 19471.


The Windows Application Event Log is a little bit more helpful on that:

Cluster network name resource <ClusterName> failed to create its
associated computer object in domain. [...]
verify that the Cluster Identity <ClusterName> has 'Full Control' permission
to that computer object using the Active Directory Users and Computers tool.


There we go.


If you have the rights in your domain to do so, just help yourself out of this, otherwise you have to contact your Domain Administrator to help you.

On your Domain Controller:

  • Open “Active Directory Users and Computers”
  • In menu “View” check “Advanced Features” to be able to find the OU where your Cluster object is located in.
  • On the root of your domain right click and choose “Find…”
  • In drop down meny “Find” select “Computers”
  • In the text box for “Computer name” type your Cluster name and click button [ Find Now ]
  • View the “Properties” of your Cluster object that was found.
  • On tab “Object” you will find the location (OU) where your Cluster object is located in.
  • Close all popups.
  • Navigate to the location you just figured out, perform a right click and choose “Properties”.
  • In tab “Security” click the button [ Add… ]
  • Click the button [ Object Types… ] , mark the checkbox next to “Computers” and leave the popup with a click on [ OK ].
  • In the textbox enter the name of your Cluster, check the name and leave the popup with a click on button [ OK ].
  • In the field for the permissions mark the check box for “Create all child objects” and click Apply.
  • Leave the Dialog open.


Go to SQL Server Management Studio and repeat the attempt to create the Availability Group Listener.

Go back to the Domain Controller (or ask your Domain Admin to do so) and remove the “Create all child objects” permission for the Cluster.


Happy listening to your Availability Groups 🙂


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